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Beauty Asylum is a mobile company geared towards hair and makeup with the emphasis on high-end style and image consulting. We service the needs of men and women by helping them look their very best for any event. We freelance our services for large corporations and we work smaller events such as bridal and makeup lessons. Beauty Asylum branches across the eastern states; ready and equip to tackle any area of the beauty industry.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Be Beautiful [Part I]

Over the summer Shauna Veasey Photography and I (Jessica Lyness Kendall) had the opportunity to partner together for a series of sessions called, Be Beautiful. We have many creative ideas we juggle and bounce off one another but this one we decided to put to action. At the time I was in Georgia for a week. Shauna had a window of opportunity to make it happen, why not?  It began with a thought and spun into a wonderful aweful idea once the juices started flowing.

We knew we wanted to give back to women and make them feel beautiful for a day.  It's as simple as is sounds. We are all beautiful and sometimes we deserve a chance to take a step back from everyday life and enhance our natural beauty.  As a wife, mom, and artist I know what it is to get wrapped up in the tasks we wholeheartedly embrace.

Mimosas + hair + makeup mixed with girl chatter and laughter. All this adds the confidence you feel when you see yourself in the mirror. Off to styling + pictures + posing deep in the country fields of south Georgia.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cam Newton Photo Shoot

Last week I received an exciting phone call.
It went a little something like this:

 "Are you available to do makeup for a celebrity client Friday?"
( ..keeping my excitement to a minimum)
"Yes, I will make myself available."
"Awesome. I cannot tell you who it is but I can tell you he's a celebrity"

The discussion continued a little longer. However, you get the gist of the conversation.  Friday rolls around and I receive another phone call:

"We were informed our client is coming earlier than planned. Can you come sooner?"
"I'm right around the corner be there in FIVE!"
"I'm sure you have a pretty good idea who it is by now. Cam Newton."
( ..a silent YEEE!!)

 I scramble for my Auburn SEC Championship Tee.  My makeup kit is ready but at this point it's about playing the part with Auburn paraphernalia.  I stuff the shirt in my purse and I'm out the door an hour early.  

( forward 2hrs) 

He was cool enough to snap a few pictures before he left :) Overall, it was a great day and a great experience.  For that I am thankful.

Would you be nervous meeting Cam?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BEST Tips for Glowing Skin

The week before wedding day I always send my bride a list of things they can do to acheive the perfect wedding day glow. Sometimes in the midst of life's great endeavors we forget the most important thing. That is to take care of oneself.

Emily Lapish Photography

  1. drink only water the week before [ bye bye soda pop ]
  2. NO fried food  "eat pretty"
  3. exfoliate *gently*
  4. don't wait to moisturize 
  5. grapes(antioxidant + radiance) + sleep = one glass of red wine a night

Makeup can only do so much to create an illusion of healthy happy skin. Add these helpful tips to your routine and you're sure to have a perfect comibination.

What's a tip that you use?